Learning with Virtual Reality

The Pioneers of Online Learning now bring you Virtual Reality Learning



Learning with Virtual Reality is the next best thing to being there. With a VR Headset (as low as $14.95 on Amazon) and an enrollment in any of our Full Year Grades K-12, your students can experience Field Trips to almost anywhere, even microscopic spaces and outter space. Limited only by their imaginations,

our exclusive Library of VR/AR Adventures grows daily.

The best learning is by doing. Rather than sitting in front of a screen or book, our unique VR/AR Adventures

immerse students in spectacular 360º environments

that enhance and complement their real-world exploration and play.

Thrilled by the sensation that they are really there, our students become thoroughly engaged for hours. And they return again and again.

VR/AR Adventures are not available with Single Courses.


Your cost: $9.95 on Amazon.com

VR Headset V3 - Deep Immersive Virtual Reality Experience on 3D Movies & Games, Mini Compact Light Weight & Comfortable, fits iPhone Samsung Galaxy

VR/AR Adventures


can be used on

any VR Headset

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