Considering Homeschooling - Reasons to Avoid Government Homeschooling Like the Plague

Are you tempted to join government homeschooling (a charter school or public school independent study program) or do you know someone who is?

These days, Christian parents who are thinking about homeschooling are often unaware that you can homeschool in most states without public school control. And those who do know are often tempted to join government homeschooling for the supposed goodies. The bait of free materials or the perception of getting help from "real teachers" seems inviting, but having public school employees overseeing your homeschool dramatically alters the spiritual dynamic of the home.

You need to know that there is another form of homeschooling; one that is scriptural. Private biblical homeschooling strengthens God's design for the family and helps ensure the future right of our children and grandchildren to freely homeschool in a Christ-centered manner.

Homeschooling has always existed in this country -- from the native Americans to the first Europeans to form colonies in the New World. Yet it was mostly forgotten as state funded schooling, the purpose of which is to create obedient productive citizens, pervaded the land in the 19th century. But in the