5 tips to help keep kids healthy during cold and flu season

It's here again - that time of year when everyone seems to unwittingly pass colds and other illnesses around. As every parent knows, kids can bring germs home from school and share them with the entire family, spreading illness at warp speed. In fact, 60 million school days are missed every year by children nationwide due to preventable illnesses like cold and flu.

What can you do to fight the spread of illness and help keep your kids - and you - healthier during cold and flu season this year? It's all about practicing healthy habits and making sure you have the right tools. Lysol's Here for Healthy Schools campaign is working with schools, educators and parents to help reinforce healthy practices and curb the spread of illnesses in the classroom.

As part of the program, Here for Healthy Schools spokesperson, actress and parent Sarah Michelle Gellar shared five tips for keeping your kids healthy during cold and flu season, and beyond: