Grade 11 (With Teachers) FULL YEAR with 6 COURSES

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You will ALWAYS get this highly discounted tuition rate if you stay continuously enrolled.


You get a FULL YEAR of Daily Lessons & Multimedia Access to:


Victory MATH 11 (Calculus, Personal Finance or Consumer Math)

Discovering God's Creation SCIENCE 11 (Forensics 1 and 2, Physics or Integrated Science)

Heritage SOCIAL STUDIES 11 (American Gov or Economics)


Wonderfully Made HEALTH & PHYS ED 9-12 OR ANY 9-12 ELECTIVE or LANGUAGE

Living Word BIBLE 11


We will be happy to help you select the right electives for your student after you enroll.


We will gladly create a PERSONALIZED custom course roster that considers your child's strengths and weaknesses at any time during the year. 

Grade 11 (With Teachers) FULL YEAR with 6 COURSES

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Grade 11 Full Year
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